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Theatrical light technician

Coordinating teacher: Ivan Pastrovicchio

1. Applicants

The course is open to a maximum of 5 candidates of any nationality who are at least 18 years old at the time of application.

2. Purpose of the course

The course is aimed at studying theatrical electrical engineering and illumination, design on specific cad, light design basic principles and console technologies. It aims to create ligh technicians for the production of live, musical and opera performances. The subjects of study will start from the regulations on safety at work (dlgs 81/08, dm 10/03/98), musical theater’s history, knowledge of techniques and practices about electrical engineering, de-vices and software management. The students will also learn about the method that is ap-plied to complex systems, like the theater’s lightning system. The theatral light technician figure could have the opportunity to work with theaters, lyrical institutions, Touring compa-nies, but also in the fields of: concert, television, movies, exhibitions and fashion. The learning process is supported by different work experience periods of time inside the Teatro Coccia’s productions.

3. Duration

The course will take place at the Teatro Coccia in Novara and will be divided into several not continuous periods starting from October 2023 to July 2024. The lessons will be planned in accordance with the theater’s schedule, with particular attention to musical theater pro-ductions and alongside with other courses’ classes. In case of course’s interruption "due to force majeure" we will proceed with Distance Learning mode through the dedicated online platform for theoretical lessons, while practical lessons and work experience periods will be postponed. At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued, upon a correct following of the procedures as described at point 8 (see below).

4.Training program

The course will be divided in 130 hours of theoretical and practical and 70 days of work experience.

The program of study is aimed at achieving the right confidence with the practical techniques learned during the lessons with the teacher, so as to ensure a preparation capable of face participation in the productions of the 2023/2024 season.

The calendar of meetings will be shared after the outcome of admission. The calendar may be subject to changes that will be promptly communicated to students.

5.Application procedure for selection

No specific qualification is required to enter the selection, but it is preferable an excellent knowledge of Italian and a basic knowledge of electrotechnics.
It will be necessary to send by e-mail (subject of the e-mail "AMO - CORSO TECNICO LUCI") the following documents:

  • Completed application form (attachment A) with photocopy F/R of your ID and fiscal code;
    *For foreigners is also required to send documents of stay;
  • Detailed educational and professional curriculum;
  • Receipt of payment by bank transfer in favour of Fondazione Teatro Carlo Coccia di Novara IBAN IT 80 X 05034 10100 000000042424 of the application fee of € 40,00 (IVA included)

Email address: segreteria.amo@fondazioneteatrococcia.it

6. Selection

Students selected by the Academy faculty will be inviteded to participate in a live meeting that will be held at the Teatro Coccia in Novara in October 2023.

7.Deadlines and time limits
  • by and no later than 24:00 GMT+1 on September 26, 2023 the applications for admission, accompanied by what is indicated in point 5, must be sent to the e-mail addresssegreteria.amo@fondazioneteatrococcia.it
  • within the first days of October 2023, the candidates eligible for selection will be noti-fied of the day and time of the interview by e-mail;
  • in October 2023 the meeting will be held at the Teatro Coccia in Novara;
  • at the end of the meeting the names of the candidates admitted to the course will be communicated.
8.Costs and conditions of participation

The course fee for admitted students is € 1.200,00 (IVA included), including teaching materials.

The participation fee must be paid in 2 installments of € 600,00 each by bank transfer in favor of Fondazione Teatro Carlo Coccia di Novara IBAN IT 80 X 05034 10100 000000042424 and sending the receipt of payment to the e-mail address  segreteria.amo@fondazioneteatrococcia.it

Deadline 1° installment: within the first day of class
Deadline 2° installment: by January 2024
It is specified that if the installments are not regularly paid within the specified time, will be interrupted attendance at the course.

The costs of food and acomodation will be at the expense of the students, who can benefit of the agreements that Teatro Coccia Foundation has entered into with hotels and restaurants in the city.

It is necessary to assure attendance at the course for both theoretical-practical hours and for the indipendence practice without the teacher and for work experiences that requires an active participation by all the students of the course. Any needs that may partially compromise participation in the lessons and productions must be communicated to the secretariat of the Academy. Candidates are requested to specifically take part in the “Aida” production- from the second half of June 2024; on 5, 6 July and 12, 13 July- (more specific details to come).

The students will have the opportunity, thanks to a special membership, to participate as an audience to all the performances of the Teatro Coccia season.

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