The call for composers is the main news of the 12th edition of the Guido Cantelli Conducting Prize.

The choice of including in the finalists’ performance programme a world premiere piece, expressly composed for the Cantelli Competition and selected through a call for composers, is intended to strengthen the meaning of this famous competition, which finds its essential value in its being a vehicle for different values than the simple sense of competition. It focuses on the figure of a great artist who made his visionary interest in the contemporary repertoire and his conducting approach an indelible mark.

Guido Cantelli << very studious and stubborn in his research >> [Eugenio Montale, 24 November 1956], who often included pieces by contemporary composers in the programmes of his concerts, traced an important path, placing himself as a careful prosecutor of tradition but also a lively interpreter of his time; The introduction of a piece by a new commission in the preliminary rounds of the conducting competition is intended on one hand to motivate the new generations towards a repertoire that has not yet been explored and has not been contaminated by the performance praxis of the great interpreters, on the other hand to be an efficacious test of each candidate’s autonomous capacity for interpretative analysis of the score.

Corinne Baroni
The artistic director