Coordinating teacher: Matteo Beltrami

Guest teachers Giovanni Di Stefano, Alberto Sala and Paolo Monticelli

1. Applicants

The course is addressed to a maximum of 10 active students of any nationality between the age of 18 and 35. Also 20 listener students of any nationality and age will be admitted.

2. Purpose of the course

The course aims to a complete an organic formation through a meticulous study of the conduction technique, the examination of different repertoires (operas, symphonic and sacred) and practical rehearsals with orchestral ensembles. Besides the main teacher’s lessons, there will be master classes taught by established professionals during this learning path.

What makes this course unique is the presence of an intense work experience, within the productions scheduled for the season of the Teatro Coccia in Novara, which allows students to live the direct experience of the stage.

3. Duration

The course will take place at Teatro Coccia in Novara and it will develop during not continuous periods of time starting from October 2020 until June 2021. The lessons will be planned according to the teacher’s schedule, alongside with other courses’ classes.

In case of course’s interruption, due to reasons of “force majeure”, we will proceed with Distance Learning mode through a dedicated online platform for theoretical lessons, while practical lessons and work experience periods will be postponed.


4. Training program

The course will be divided into 232 theoretical and practical hours, 60 work experience days with a minimum of 10 practical rehearsals with orchestra. The program will be scheduled into the following modules:

  • 8 – 12 November 2020: theoretical lessons and study of the score Divertimento in re maggiore K136 by W. A. Mozart, Simple Symphony (first and second movements) by B. Britten and Antiche danze ed arie per liuto, terza suite (secoli XVI-XVII), P172 by O. Respighi, an orchestra rehearsal with I Virtuosi Italiani will be included. Teacher Matteo Beltrami.
  • 13 – 14 November 2020: introduction to the working environment; the theatrical machine and its environments. Comparison between the Teatro Coccia and other theaters. Teachers: Helenio Talato, Renato Bonajuto, Corinne Baroni. Basic safety course on the workplace, on the stage and application of the Covid-19 protocol. Teacher: Ing. Marco Cigolotti (RSPP of Teatro Coccia)
  • 9 – 20 December 2020: chance to take part as listener students to the production Cinque cerchi in un quadrato, contemporary opera on music by Paola Magnanini
  • 9 – 11 January 2021: theoretical lessons and study of the score La Traviata by G. Verdi. Teacher Matteo Beltrami
  • 10 – 28 February 2021: work experience, study of the score and rehearsals with the orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani of the contemporary opera Rapimenti d’amore (in the theatre’s season) on music by Cristian Carrara. Teacher Matteo Beltrami.
  • 9 – 27 March 2021: work experience on pieces written by Isabella Leonarda and Antonia Bembo, in occasion of concerts’s exhibition Fuori Di Coccia, Festival dei Maestri di Cappella. Teachers Alberto Sala and Paolo Monticelli. There will be rehearsals with the orchestral ensemble and one of the students will be selected to conduct one of the four concerts in the programme. In the same period it will be possible to attend Tosca‘s rehearsals as listener students.
  • 6 – 25 April 2021: work experience and study of the opera La Traviata by G. Verdi, director Renata Scotto. The students will be engaged with conducting, musical, orchestra and group rehearsals with the orchestra of Teatro Coccia.

At the end of group rehearsals, the conductors will be selected for the plays and the dress rehearsal. Teachers Matteo Beltrami, Renata Scotto, assistant conductor Azzurra Steri.

  • 21 April – 15 May 2021: work experience and study of the contemporary opera Un bullo in maschera, commissioned to Federico Gon. Teacher Giovanni Di Stefano. The students will be engaged with conducting, musical, readings and group rehearsals.

At the end of the group rehearsals, the conductors for the plays and dress rehearsal will be selected.

  • 1 – 6 June 2021: work experience and study of the Petite Messe Solennelle by Gioachino Rossini in the 2 pianos and harmonium version. Theoretical lessons and rehearsals with the singers of the academy and with the Schola Cantorum San Gregorio Magno Choir have been scheduled.

At the end of the rehearsals will be selected one or more conductors who will alternate in the conduction of the concert.

The students selected for the conduction of La Traviata, the concert scheduled for the Fuori di Coccia festival, Un Bullo in maschera and Petite Messe Solennelle (included in the Teatro Coccia 2020/2021 Season) will receive a payed contract, that will be further communicated due to the company’s policy.

Thanks to the theater’s frontal camera, all the rehearsals with the orchestra will be recorded; the tape will be given to each student on request.

The theater’s direction, in accordance with the respective teachers, will select the suitable students to whom will be proposed a contract during the 2021/22 season of Teatro Coccia.

The calendar of  meetings and master classes may be subject to variations and integrations that will be promptly notified to the students.


5. Application procedure for selection

In order to access to the selection, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the Italian or English language. It is requested to send via email (mail object  “AMO – DIREZIONE D’ORCHESTRA”) the following documents:

  • Filled out application form (annex A) with copy of your identity document (ID);
  • Academic curriculum and artistic experiences;
  • Payment receipt by bank transfer to “Fondazione Teatro Coccia Onlus”

IBAN IT 80 X 05034 10100 000000042424 of the application fee of € 40,00

Email address:

6. Selection

Curricula will be examined by the academy’s teachers. The candidates with a suitable curriculum will have to do a practical test by conducting, without the help of any instrument and hinting the orchestral parts with their own voice, an extract of Divertimento in re magggiore K136 by W.A.Mozart picked by the teacher and the Simple Symphony (first and second movements) by B. Britten.


7. Deadlines and time limits

The application forms, alongside with everything listed at point 5, must be sent to the Teatro Coccia of Novara via email to by and no later than 2nd November 2020; the result of the selections will be notified via email to the candidates by 4th November 2020.

The practical test will take place on 8th November 2020 at the Teatro Coccia of Novara, the time has not been scheduled yet.

The names of the candidates who will be admitted to the course will be communicated at the end of the auditions.


8. Costs and conditions of participation

The partecipation fee for the selected students is of € 2.000,00 and includes didactic materials and contemporary scores. The participation fee for students who are listeners is € 150,00.

The fee of the effective students must be payed in 4 installments of € 500,00 each (installments deadlines 31/12/2020 – 28/02/2021 – 31/03/2021 – 30/04/2021) by bank transfer to “Fondazione Teatro Coccia Onlus”, the receipt must be sent via email to

All the payments must be done to this:

IBAN IT 80 X 05034 10100 000000042424

We specify that in case of missing installment payment by the deadline dates, the course will be interrupted.

The fee of the listener students must be payed by 8 November 2020 by bank transfer to  Fondazione Teatro Coccia Onlus IBAN IT 80 X 05034 10100 000000042424.

The costs of food and accommodation will be at the expense of the students, who can benefit of the agreements that Teatro Coccia Foundation has entered into with hotels and restaurants in the city. 

Course frequency is mandatory for both theoretical hours and for work experiences that requires an active participation by all the students of the course. Possible requirements that may partially compromise the participation in the productions must be communicated at the admission moment. Participation as listener students is optional. 

Actual students will have the opportunity, thanks to a special membership, to participate as an audience in all the performances of the Teatro Coccia season.


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